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Published: 20th May 2009
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What a mess! Stuff everywhere and not enough room to put everything. Does this sound like you? It's the little items that are the hardest, easily broke and hard to keep like items together.

A Really useful box is great for tidying up and giving everything a place. The idea behind Really Useful Boxes was to produce a range of plastic boxes that were created from the user's viewpoint. It all started back in 1999, when an accountant at a plastics company wanted strong, transparent, stacking boxes to archive his records in, but couldn't find anything suitable. He instead designed the sort of box that he wanted to fill the gap in the market. This initial idea has since expanded into the World's largest range of such boxes, currently standing at 46 sizes of box between 0.2 litres up to the enormous 84 litre box.

But what is so great about these boxes? Well, instead of just producing boxes of different sizes, they produce boxes with a specific user purpose in mind. For example, the 3 litre and 18 litre sizes are the perfect size to stack CDs in. The 4 litre is A4 sized. The 22 litre holds exactly 22 DVDs. The 2.1 litre works as a card index and the 24 litre box is intended to take foolscap suspension files. They are also really strong. The promotional literature boldly states that they will take " a person's weight", and while I don't feel brave enough to do a practical test of this, they did withstand my house move with no sign of damage to them or their contents, despite having a load of other heavy objects piled on top of them in the removal van. Another good thing is that they have separate lock-on lids, and are stackable with or without lids, which makes them very versatile and the ideal thing for the storage and moving goods.
The fact that they are transparent means you can seen what is inside the box without having to open them.

Sizes available are:
0.3 Ltr for Business cards
0.7 Ltr for Desk tidy
0.75 Ltr for Small items
9 Ltr for A4 40CD/20DVD
1.6 Ltr for Desk tidy
1.75 Ltr for Stamps/Office items
18 Ltr for 93CD/44DVD
19 Ltr for A4 suspension files
2.1 Ltr for 6 x 4 Photographs
3 Ltr for 18CDs/10 DVDs
35 Ltr for A4/Foolscap
35 Ltr for 95 LP's
4 Ltr for 1 Ream of A4 paper
42 Ltr for Foolscap Files
5 Ltr for Office tidy Ladies shoes
6 Ltr for C4 Envelopes
64 Ltr for Foolscap Files
12 Ltr for C4 Envelopes
24 Ltr for Foolscap suspension files
50 Ltr for Under bed storage/7" Single
84 Ltr for Clothes/Blankets

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